Fallout 3 Modded

Fallout 3 was my first Bethesda game, but certainly not my last.  Because of how much I enjoyed Fallout 3 back on the Xbox 360 when it first launched, I got into The Elder Scrolls.  When you think about it, I might not be where I am if it wasn’t for picking up Fallout 3.  It seems only fitting to play through Fallout 3 with some much needed mods for my next series.

Gameplay Changes

Fallout 3 Wanderer’s Edition by Peekaboom (Nexus)

Weapon Mod Kits by Antistar (Nexus)

Marts Mutant Mod by Martigen (Nexus)

Enhanced Weather by Skingrad24 (Nexus)

Armor and Weapons

Community Ammo Library CALIBR by Tubal (Nexus)

Classic Fallout Weapons Beta by War1982 (Nexus)

Graphics and Textures

NMC Texture Pack by NMC (Nexus)

Realistic HDR Lighting by jonny512 (Nexus)

Dynavision – Dynamic Depth of Field by Gopher (Nexus)

DC Moods by MonsterMonkey (Nexus)

New Lands / Quests

A World of Pain by djmystro (Nexus)

DC Interiors by chucksteel (Nexus)

Undiscovered Capital by EmeraldReign (Nexus)

DC Subway by BethJunkie (Nexus)

DC Subway – Metros Alive by BethJunkie (Nexus)

Utilities / Misc

Fallout Script Extender (Download Page)

Fallout 3 Stutter Removal by SkyRanger-1 (Nexus)

Fallout Street Lights by SpeedyB64 (Nexus)

Senora Cruz Stay Put by Jonathan Dewar (Nexus)