About the Streams

In the Summer of 2015 I upgraded my internet, and finally had a good enough upload speed to start streaming.  Having played with friends before while they streamed, it always seemed like a lot of fun, and was something that I wanted to try out for myself.  From the get go I wanted to stream a variety of games, and focus on having a more laid back, casual streaming experience.  I enjoy talking with people in chat, answering questions, and just going on random tangents.  I first started off streaming on YouTube Gaming, as I was a featured streamer, and then began streaming on both YouTube Gaming and Twitch simultaneously through a site called

When Twitch rolled out their Affiliate Program, meant to promote and support smaller streamers through some of the benefits offered to their Partners, I decided to join the program.  This unfortunately meant that I wouldn’t be able to stream on YouTube at the same time anymore, as Twitch has an exclusivity policy for both Partners and Affiliates.  Still, this was an incredible opportunity to grow on Twitch.  With any luck, being an Affiliate will pave the way to being a Twitch Partner.

Chat Rules

  • No spam (emotes or otherwise)
  • No shoutouts
  • Ask for permission before posting links
  • No excessive caps
  • Respect myself, the mods, and other viewers
  • If a mod asks you to stop doing something, listen to them

Streaming Schedule

Friday Nights at 9 PM Eastern Standard Time

Saturday and Sunday Afternoons at 2 PM Eastern Standard Time