Green Man Gaming Partnership

We recently partnered with Green Man Gaming, an online retailer that has great deals on PC games.  What that means for you is a great chance to save money on the games you want.  With all the new titles coming out this Fall, and the holiday season right around the corner, Green Man Gaming is a great way to spend less on the games you want.

zero productions voucher

Going forward our videos will include our affiliate link in the description so that our friends at Green Man Gaming know that we sent you.  In addition to our affiliate link, you can save 20% on GMG when you use the offer code ZEROPR-ODUCTI-ONSAVE.  (This offer code lasts until November 15th and applies to selected digital titles only).  Now, some of you’re probably worried that you’re going to start seeing us do ad reads at the start of every video, or telling people non-stop to click on our affiliate link.  That’s not us, that’s not how we do things.  From day one of making videos we’ve always believed in being honest and respectful to our viewers, we’re not here to make a quick buck off of you guys, and we wouldn’t have entered into this partnership with Green Man Gaming if we didn’t feel this was a good fit.  This won’t affect our videos at all, at most you might see us mention it in the podcast every now and then, but as you probably know by now, the podcast itself only gets posted every now and then anyway.

We just wanted to make this post to explain the situation, and to let you guys know that this won’t affect videos at all.  In the end, this comes down to two things.  One, we’re trying to do something nice for you guys, and two, we’re doing what we can so that George can make Zero Period his full time job.