Patreon and Plushies

Hey guys, just wanted to give a bit of an update on some things going on both on and off the channel.  We’re still in the process of wrapping production on the second half of Stupidity in Progress, with any luck the second half with start airing in March, if not then we’re aiming for an April release.  At this point we’re also in pre-production for season 3, which will be our biggest, best, and final season.  There’s a lot of reasons for why season 3 will be our final season, but hopefully we’d be able to do a new live action series afterwards.

Moving on, I recently launched a Patreon page a couple months back, and it’s been doing pretty well.  Rewards are open to any and all patrons, which include access to a patron-only Discord channel, being mentioned in a monthly thank you video, and a monthly patron-only giveaway.  Most of the giveaways will be games, but once every three months (March, June, September, December), I’ll be giving away a hand-crafted plushie from my good friend LaceyGracey.  To apply for the March giveaway you have to have successfully pledged (at least $1) to the Patreon for the month of February, and you’ll be automatically added to the drawing.

Lacey will be selling four Protectron plushies on her Etsy store, these are the same design as the one that we showed off in our Fan Gifts video a couple weeks ago.  Make sure to check out her shop and some of her other amazing products.

Finally, we just released a brand new shirt from the Skyrim Modded Playthrough.  If you’ve even watched a couple episodes you’ve probably heard George utter the phrase “Hungry, Tired. Thirsty.”  At long last we have a shirt to commemorate what is likely George’s most used phrase across the entire series.  There should be a sale on the store sometime next week, we’ll make sure to tweet it out for anyone who’s waiting for a sale.