Skyrim Modded

Click here for the full playlist. The Skyrim Modded Plauythrough was my attempt to create a more immersive Skyrim experience while still holding true to the game, its lore, and main quest line.  Mods used throughout the series were chosen for the purpose of expanding the available weapons and armor, include new interesting companions, and explore new regions of Tamriel that would make sense to have in the game.  All in all, this was a series to make Skyrim an even more amazing game than it already is.

My original plan for the series was to last maybe 40 – 50 parts, not cover any guilds, and only a handful of quest mods.  In the end, the playthrough lasted nearly two and a half years, was 261 episodes long, and from start to finish would take over a week to watch.  This was by far my favorite series to record, and can’t wait to continue it in “sequel” series for massive mods such as the Beyond Skyrim mods.


Gameplay Changes

iNeed – Food, Water, and Sleep by isoku (Nexus / Steam)

Trade Routes: Supply and Demand by Taleden (Nexus)

Alternate Start: Live Another Life by Arthmoor (Nexus / Steam)

Character Creation Overhaul – Races – Classes by Syclonix (Nexus / Steam)

Character Creation Overhaul – Dynamic Skill Progression (Add-on) by Syclonix (Steam)

Wet and Cold by isoku (Nexus / Steam)

Wet and Cold: Ashes by isoku (Nexus / Steam)

Wet and Cold: Holidays by isoku (Nexus / Steam)

Immersive First Person View by meh321 (Nexus)

Enchanted Arsenal by egocarib (Nexus)

DUEL Comat Realism by Gabriel Malihot & LogRaam (Nexus)

Immersive Creatures by lifestorock (Nexus)

A Quality World Map – With Roads by IcePenguin (Nexus)

Climates of Tamriel by jjc71 (Nexus / Steam)

Climates of Tamriel – Weather Patch by jjc71 (Nexus)

Archery Gameplay Overhaul by DServant (Nexus)

Graphics and Textures

True Vision ENB (Requires ENB Primaries) by Bronze316 (Nexus)

Skyrim HD – 2K Textures by Nebula (Nexus)

Solstheim Landscape and Furniture by langley (Nexus)

Real Ice ALL IN ONE by Yuril (Nexus)

RCRN 3.6 – Realistic Color and Real Nights (Pure Preset)* by aLaa (Steam)

Distant Detail Hearthfire Edition by Dovahsbane (Nexus)

Water and Terrain Enhancement Redux by Vortikai (Nexus / Steam)

Lanterns of Skyrim – All in One by manny_gt (Nexus / Steam)

Lush Grass by Vortikai (Nexus / Steam)

Vibrant Auroras* by Vortikai (Nexus / Steam)

Rustic Textures by Gamwich (Nexus)

SG Female Textures Renewal by HelloSanta (Nexus)

Armor and Weapons

Immersive Armors by Hothtrooper 44 (Nexus)

Lore Weapons Expansion by InsanitySorrow (Nexus)

Unique Uniques by InsanitySorrow (Nexus / Steam)

JaySuS Swords by JaySuS (Nexus)

Warmonger Armory by Batmanna (Nexus)

Vagabond Swordsman by angertis (Steam)

Crystal Sun Sword by Catflop (Nexus)

Light Bonemold Armor by Jkalenad (Steam)

Morrowind Armor – Netch Leather by Teh-Husky (Steam)

Quest Mods

Quest: No Mercy by Thirteen Oranges (Steam)

Quest: Sea of Ghosts by Thirteen Oranges (Steam)

Quest: Sorcery by Thirteen Oranges (Steam)

The Hawk’s Nest* by MadFrenchie (Steam)

Adal’Matar, The Lost Stronghold – Fight Against the Thalmor I by MadFrenchie (Nexus / Steam)

Frontier to Cyrodiil – Fight Against the Thalmor II* by MadFrenchie (Nexus / Steam)

The Aldmeri Domain – Fight Against the Thalmor III* by MadFrenchie (Nexus / Steam)

South Dragon Bridge – Fight Against the Thalmor IV* by MadFrenchie (Nexus / Steam)

New Markarth Adventures by MadFrenchie (Steam)

Wyrmstooth by Jonx0r (Nexus / Steam)

Moon and Star* by GanXingba (Nexus / Steam)

Moonpath to Elsweyr by MuppetPuppet (Nexus / Steam)

Helgen Reborn by Mike Hancho (Nexus)

Skyhaven Temple Enhanced by ItsMeToo (Nexus)

Agents of Righteous Might by Kyung-Bum Lee (Nexus)

Gray Cowl of Nocturnal by MannyGT (Nexus)

Companions and NPCs

Interesting NPCs and RS Children Patch by Kris Takahasi (Nexus)

RS Children Overhaul by Ranaline (Nexus)

OBIS (Organized Bandits in Skyrim) by egocarib (Nexus)

Arissa – The Wandering Rogue v1.3 by Chesko and Nikkita (Nexus)

Inigo v2 by Smartbluecat (Nexus)

Vilja in Skyrim & Solstheim Expansion by Emma Amgepo Lycanthrops (Nexus)

Rigmor of Bruma by Rigmor (Nexus)

Towns and Cities

Places: Amber Guard by Thirteen Oranges (Steam)

Places: Granitehall by Thirteen Oranges (Steam)

Places: Laintar Dale – Hearthfire Edition by Thirteen Oranges (Steam)

Places: Oakwood – Hearthfire Edition by Thirteen Oranges (Steam)

Hidden Hideouts of Skyrim by lesi123 (Nexus / Steam)

Dawn of Riften by BluePianoTwo (Nexus)

Dawn of Whiterun by BluePianoTwo (Nexus)

Dawn of Windhelm by BluePianoTwo (Nexus)

The Real Warmaiden’s by iWilliBlecha (Nexus / Steam)

The Bosmeric Drunken Huntsman by iWilliBlecha (Nexus / Steam)

The Scottish Bannered Mare by iWilliBlecha (Nexus)

JK’s Winterhold by JKrojmal (Nexus)

JK’s Falkreath by JKrojmal (Nexus)

JK’s Solitude by JKrojmal (Nexus)

JK’s Rorikstead by JKrojmal (Nexus)

JK’s Morthal by JKrojmal (Nexus)

JK’s Dawnstar by JKrojmal (Nexus)

JK’s Ivarstead by JKrojmal (Nexus)


Skyrim Script Extender (Download Page)

SkyUI (Nexus)

ENB Binaries by Boris Voronstov (ENBdev)

Better Dialogue Controls by ecirbaf (Nexus)

Multiple Followers Light by KainAsylum (Steam)

No Vampires Attack Before Dawnguard Main Quest by InAComaDial999 (Steam)

* Mod is not currently being used in the playthrough